More Than Property Management

Meridian Residential Group’s specialty is turning properties into thriving communities.  Our team has a successful track record of guiding properties in all stages to stability.  We’ve realized additional value in mature properties as well as completely overhauled struggling properties to get them back on track.  By embracing innovation, practicing integrity, and employing a strong team, Meridian builds home for our residents and creates value for our partners.

The Meridian Philosophy

We like being involved in the property’s development from the beginning to lend our expertise and help shape the property into a Meridian Community.  We don’t see apartments as merely a short-term option before homeownership, but a community where residents are home.  We are an action-oriented company and our philosophy reflects that.

Be Relational

Relationships are a driving factor to our success and why we are different.  We provide more than nice apartments with a pool.  We create vibrant communities with unparalleled service where residents are home.

Be Innovative

Convenience through technology, engagement through social events, warm amenities like dog parks, and a highly-trained staff combine to define our fresh approach to property management.  We offer residents an exceptional living experience in a new and different style of apartment living.

Be Professional

The success of a property is largely based on the team.  To that end, we hire high-integrity individuals who are then extensively trained in our property management process.  The result is an organized, efficient, and driven team of professionals turning your property into a thriving community.